Glenroy Private is a comprehensive co-educational Prep - Year 10 school offering education underpinned by Islamic values and operating within the requirements of the Department of Education and Training.
The purpose of this document is to assist the School in providing and implementing a step-by-step application and enrolment process which provides a transparent and consistent reference point to both those seeking enrolment and those responsible for enrolment at the school. All applications will be processed in order of receipt and consideration will be given to the applicant’s support for the ethos of the school, siblings already attending the school and other criteria determined by the school from time to time. Once enrolled, students are expected to support the school’s principles and comply with the school rules to maintain the enrolment.



If parent and child do not attend the interview or the entrance assessment the child’s name will be removed from the waitlist. All placements are subject to withdrawal of offer by Glenroy Private, should circumstances under which the offer was made alter prior to enrolment.

It is essential that parents have an understanding of Glenroy Private's Philosophy and a desire for their children to participate fully in the life of the school. Once a child is enrolled, parents are advised to further their knowledge of Glenroy Private as their child progresses through the school by attending all Parent Evenings, visiting the school, and supporting the school principles.

Before your child is offered a place at Glenroy Private, the following factors are considered:

-   Interview and Classroom Appraisal (entrance exam, previous school report).

-   Current student numbers, application date, age, balance in the classroom, child's readiness for school, learning needs, academic and behaviour record.

-  Sibling priority is not guaranteed. Preference will normally be given to siblings of children attending the school, provided the family has continued to demonstrate support for the school.

On acceptance of the offer of a position the following conditions must be agreed to:

-   That a non-refundable, non-transferable $150 Enrolment Fee In Advance is paid.

-  That once students are enrolled they are expected to support the school’s ethos and comply with the school rules to maintain the enrolment.

In certain circumstances there is a probationary period of one term for new students. At the end of the probationary period, parents are advised of the continuation or termination of their child's enrolment. The probationary period may be extended at the discretion of the School Principal. If the child is withdrawn within the probationary period, the balance of the tuition fee only (excluding building fund payments and the Enrolment Fee In Advance) is refunded for that term. After the probationary period has lapsed, no refund is applicable.


Expression of Interest Form

  • All new applicants wishing to enroll at Glenroy Private need to complete the Expression of Interest Form which can be emailed to admin@glenroyprivate.vic.edu.au or dropped off to the school at any time for consideration, however within an appropriate time frame prior to an interview process.
  • The Expression of Interest for new students requires basic student information, school connection and family information.
  • The form is returned to our main office, an acknowledgement letter is sent and student information is entered in the school’s database.
  • An interview may be required for new students.

Student/Family Information Form

  • All those who have completed an Expression of Interest Form are contacted by the Enrolment Officer prior to the entrance exam.  The Information Form accompanies a letter regarding the enrolment process and includes the Enrolment Contract and current Fee Schedule   .
  • On completion of the Information Form, these are returned to the Enrolment Officer where they are checked for completed information.
  • Where documentation is missing, families are contacted to provide the appropriate data.
  • Once documentation is complete the Enrolment Officer arranges an interview with the Principal or his delegate if required and will notify the parents of the entrance exam.
  • The Information Form and any other necessary documentation is required to be returned by a specific date and the entrance exam and interview process where applicable cannot proceed unless the Information Form is completed by that date.
  • Where additional information or reports are required, the enrolment application process may take longer.


  • A formal letter will be posted to inform parents about the date of the entrance assessment and interview. This normally takes place in term 3 of each year.
  • For annual intake of students, interviews with the family and the applicant, where applicable are held up to a 2 month period as arranged by the Enrolment Officer.
  • It is the school’s responsibility that parents/guardians be made aware of full and frank disclosure requirements when completing the Information Form.  This includes advising parents/guardians that failing to provide relevant details and assessments may result in the cancellation of an enrolment interview.
  • Parents/guardians will be required to discuss their financial capacity to pay fees and the options open to them to do so in fee and voluntary contribution payments.

Notification of Outcome of Interview

  • The enrolment officer informs the applicant the family by phone or through a letter of an offer of enrolment.
  • The parents/guardians and applicant sign the Enrolment Contract and return it to the Enrolment Officer.  A signed Enrolment Contract is retained by school and one copy is retained by the parents/guardians.
  • Parents accepting the School’s offer should return the Enrolment Contract with the non-refundable Enrolment Fee $150 to confirm their acceptance.
  • If no offer of placement is made, the parents/guardians will be informed in writing.

Parents/Guardians’ Enrolment Contract is a legally binding contract between the parents/guardians and Glenroy Private.

The school will acknowledge enquiries in the most appropriate and timely manner according to its documented procedures.


An electronic register of enrolments (MAZE) will be used. The register will contain:

  • Student name, gender, date of birth , place and country of birth
  • Nationality
  • Residential address
  • Date and grade of enrolment
  • Previous school attended
  • Family details
  • Alternative family details (if any)
  • Access restrictions (if any)
  • Medicare details
  • Medical condition (if any)
  • Anaphylaxis medical information forms (if any)
  • Individual registration number
  • Enrolment status ie: full time, part time etc
  • Date and grade of ceased enrolment
  • Student’s destination


Students and parents/guardians are required to abide by and support the school policies as outlined in the Enrolment Contract. These policies are subject to change.


For enquiries about school fees please complete the form or email us at Glenroy Private

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