Glenroy Private enjoys the benefits of specialised learning facilities including many that have been newly built or renovated. Since 2012 the school community, state and federal governments have made a significant investment in new facilities to meet the ever changing needs of our students and teachers.

Recent projects include the refurbishment of the High School Building, the science laboratory,  the installation of back to base new fire alarm system, the addition of computers and IWB's, the completion of the installation of a state of the art alarm system and CCTV cameras.

The school is well equipped with facilities including a hall, a new playground, library, computer room, arts room, science laboratory, screening room, canteen, uniform shop and a prayer room.

Computer Room

Our computer room is fully equipped with 26 computers and audio devices. They are used mainly by students with supervised internet access. All computers have been upgraded and have a variety of software installed for the staff and students to utilize.

Science Laboratory

Our Science laboratory is equipped with laboratory grade microscopes, bunsen burners, acidity meters, a water distilling unit; a greenhouse for science and a brand new science experiment fuming chamber.

Interactive White Board (IWB) Technology

Glenroy Private has installed the latest, high end Interactive White Boards in all of the classrooms to assist students in achieving the highest academic results.

Visual Arts Room

Our Visual Arts room has had a splash of bright colours added to it. There is now much more storage space to store our student's beautiful art pieces. The students really feel that they an explore their artistic talents in this space.

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