Term 1 concludes on Friday 5th April. We would like to extend our best wishes and congratulations to all students, families, and friends on the coming of the ^Eid-ul-Fitr al Mubaarak.


Restorative Behaviour Management (RBM)




At Glenroy Private, we believe in restorative justice as our approach to behaviour management. As teachers, it is our responsibility to promote active citizenship in our school community. Through restorative justice, students are encouraged to become accountable for their behaviours and engage in a process where they empathise with other parties affected, and repair harm to relationships. Teachers must create a supportive and positive learning community, which enhances students’ emotional literacy, so they may communicate with others about their feelings.
Teachers allow opportunities for choices to be made to repair the harm and allow closure, providing resolution to conflict. This prevents negative social behaviour through character education, conflict management training and building respect for diversity. It promotes a problem-solving approach to behaviour management that encourages positive social behaviour by expecting young people to fix the wrong they have caused thereby learning from their mistakes.

In our learning community, we no longer place importance on the notion of discipline, which implies ‘correction and training’ by punishment. We believe in Positive Behaviour Support whereby students are taught procedures and skills, practice these in a variety of settings, and master necessary social skills for successful citizenship.

Class teachers and management also offer intensive or personalised support to those students who find this process challenging through a variety of services including Restorative Conferences, Resolution Time, Individual Behaviour Management Plans, and Social Skill programs.

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How do Restorative Justice and Positive Behaviour Support Correlate?

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