Student Welfare

Policies for Student’s welfare

Glenroy Private seeks to provide a safe and supportive environment which aims to minimise the risk of harm and ensure students feel secure, supports the physical, social, academic, spiritual and emotional development of the students, provides student welfare policies and programs that develop a sense of self-worth and foster personal development.

To ensure that all aspects of the school’s Basis and Strategy for meeting a student’s welfare and pastoral needs are understood and communicated, a Parent Information Handbook is provided to all parents each year. Staff policies are outlined in a Staff Handbook given to Staff members as part of their induction and to other staff members whenever changes are made.

Our Child Protection and Mandatory Reporting policy is available to download here

Child Protection Policy encompasses definition and concepts, legislative requirements, preventative strategies, reporting including the following changes:

· Raising the reporting threshold to “at risk of significant harm” (from 24 January 2010)

· Setting up an alternative reporting process for mandatory reporters in major government agencies (from 24 January 2010)

· Permitting the exchange of information between government and non-government agencies involved with children and young people (30 October 2009)

· Making some changes to the Children’s Court and its procedure (from 1 June 2009)

Duty of Care Policy encompasses duty of care and risk management, levels of supervision for on-site and off-site activities and guidelines for supervisors. The full policy is available through the school. No changes were made to this policy since 2007.

Code of Conduct Policy encompasses code of conduct for staff, students, behaviour management and the role of student leadership system. The full policy is available through the school.

Our code of conduct policy is also available to be downloaded here

Security Policy encompasses procedures for security of the grounds and buildings, use of grounds and facilities, emergency procedure, and travel during school-related activities. The full policy is available through the school. No changes were made to this policy since 2007.

Pastoral Care Policy encompasses the pastoral care system, access to counselling, health care procedures, critical incident policy, and homework policy. The full policy is available through the school. No changes were made to this policy since 2007.
 Each of these policies has been prepared in conjunction with other relevant legislation (e.g. relating to Care of Children and Young People and Occupational Health and Safety). The policies are available for parents by contacting the School Office. The Religious Advisor plays a significant role in providing ongoing pastoral care and children developmental issues.

Our Anaphylaxis Management Policy is available to download here

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