Aim: To enable students to develop communication skills, focus on languages as systems and gain insights into the relationship between language and culture, leading to lifelong personal, educational and vocational benefits.

Content: Languages courses provide students with the opportunity to gain effective skills in communicating in the chosen language, to explore the relationship between languages and English, and to develop an understanding of the cultures associated with the chosen language.

Students will develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for effective interaction in Arabic.

They will explore the nature of languages as systems by making comparisons between English and Arabic.
Students will also develop intercultural understandings by reflecting on similarities and differences between their own and the target culture.

Students will develop the skills to communicate in Arabic. They will listen and respond to spoken language. They will learn to read and respond to written texts in Arabic. Students will establish and maintain communication in familiar situations.

Students will explore the diverse ways in which meaning is conveyed by comparing and contrasting features of Arabic. They develop a capacity to interact with people, their culture and their language.

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