Islamic Studies and Arabic

At Glenroy Private we know as a fact that the way to knowing the obligations and prohibitions is by acquiring the religious knowledge. Hence, the guardian of the children must teach them the belief that Allah is clear of having any similarity to the creations, as well as teaching them the obligatory and forbidden matters, such as the essential parts of taharah (purification) and salah (prayer).

In the present time of social decay, raising children is not an easy matter, especially considering that most schools do not place such education as their top priority. There is no doubt that such education improves the welfare of the children and results in their wellbeing in this life and the life after.

As a result, Glenroy Private embarked on teaching “The Islamic Education Series” to our students.

Each of the five (5) books in this Series consists of three (3) chapters that deal with: Belief, Acts of Worship, and Islamic Manners. In addition to this Series, Qur’anic Recitation (Tajwid) and Prophetic Biography (As-Siratun-Nabawiyyah) are taught at our school as well.

God willing, this knowledge will help them contribute to building communities based on sound values and will make them safe in the Hereafter.

In addition to teaching religion and Qur’an, Glenroy is keen to teach the Arabic Language to all of its students for it is the language of the Qur’an and the language of the Prophet (peace be upon him). The Arabic language has consistent, predictable rules of grammar, pronunciation and spelling, making it actually quite an easy language to learn.

Our curriculum is designed for students beginning the formal study of Arabic in primary school; however, it also provides the opportunity for those who already have some knowledge of the Arabic language to develop and extend their Arabic skills and to learn more about their own or another culture.

We realise that the widespread community of Arabic speakers generates a natural demand for the maintenance of the Arabic language.

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