Aim: To develop students’ capacity to enhance personal health and wellbeing, enjoy an active lifestyle, maximise movement potential and advocate lifelong health and physical activity.

Content: Health and Personal Development

   This program introduces Stage 4 students to information and strategies that will help them develop their social skills and personal values. It will enable them to make informed decisions regarding health and personal well-being.

Specific issues addressed include: 

• Social and Emotional Health

• Relationships

• Bullying

• Resilience

• Communication Skills
• Personal Development
• Physical Health
• The biology of the body
• Puberty and sexual health
• Drugs

   Students of Stage 5 explore and discuss self image and other issues relating to self esteem. This subject helps students learn about themselves and their environment. The importance of health and a healthy lifestyle are essential in today’s fast paced society

Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education at Glenroy College is a dynamic and progressive program, in which all students are encouraged to actively participate.

The program, in Stage 4, is designed in a sequential manner, focused primarily on the development and consolidation of Fundamental Motor
Skills. In turn, the aim is to skill build sport specific techniques and drills and sub sequentially introduce game strategy.

Some of the topics that may be covered in Stage 5 include:

Active lifestyle
Personal Awareness
Growth and development
Football Codes


Al Glenroy College offers students a variety of sporting games to choose from. It is compulsory for all students to attend sport on a weekly basis. All students are required to have parent permission to leave school grounds and only a valid reason will be accepted for non-attendance.

Team sports are very beneficial for extra-curricular activity. Students are encouraged to join a sporting team.

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