Science and Technology

In Science and Technology students develop competence, confidence and responsibility in their interactions with science and technology.

The four broad strands of Science and Technology are:

  • Investigating Scientifically
  • Designing and Making
  • The Natural Environment
  • The Made Environment.

Science and Technology is the learning area in which all students learn about the natural and made environments by investigating, by designing and making and by using technology. Information technology enables student to locate, access, view and analyse a range of texts. In addition, it provides opportunities for students to design and create information products, and to determine the usefulness, accuracy, reliability and validity of information.

Primary Connections uses an inquiry-orientated teaching and learning model (5Es- Engage, Explore, Explain and Evaluate) to enable students to use their prior knowledge and literacy’s to develop explanations for their hands-on experiences of the Science phenomena.

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