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Policies and Procedures

Computers & Internet Use Policy


The use of Electronic Communications at Glenroy Private is a privilege, and like any other privilege, carries with it responsibilities.

Publishing, accessing information and communicating electronically can be cost-effective, timely and efficient. It is essential that the use of this valuable resource be managed to ensure that it is used in an appropriate manner.

The internet/ intranet provides students with the opportunity to locate information and liaise with organisations or individuals to support learning and to increase their knowledge and skills in using electronic services.

The Learning Technologies program at Glenroy Private is an integral part of a student’s learning environment. Students will have access to the network computers and thus the Internet possibilities. The use of the school internet will support the education and research programs set by the teachers in line with its educational goals and objectives.

At Glenroy Private, students will accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of the network to the teachers of the school. This would include any message/s sent or received that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism and inappropriate language.

It is vital the school community understands the significance of the Internet and also the potential risks. It is essential that families discuss ethical issues related to this policy document. Students need to develop skills of discrimination when dealing with information (and misinformation). These skills will be addressed at school and need to be considered within the context of the family.

The process by which Glenroy Private seeks to manage use of Electronic Communications is through the development and implementation of this policy. The policy provides specific instructions, which must be followed whenever using Electronic Communications.



First Focus On


The purpose of Electronic Communications within Glenroy Private is to conduct the business and functions of Glenroy Private.

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Electronic Communications are properly and efficiently used, and that Glenroy Private is protected from problems such as error, fraud, defamation, unlawful discrimination, illegal activity, privacy violations and service interruptions..

Best Practice Guidelines

Staff Use

The Principal has the responsibility to ensure that the persons to whom this policy applies are aware of this policy. This should include, but is not limited to:

1. Providing a copy of the policy.
2. Regular and timely reminders of the need for compliance with the policy.
3. Providing updates or developments of the policy, to those affected by the policy.
4. It is the responsibility of individuals to abide by the policy.

Best Practice Guidelines

Student Use

1. Class teachers will instruct students to the correct use and their responsibilities when using the Internet.
2. Students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of Internet etiquette.
3. Be polite. Never send or encourage sending abusive messages.
4. Use appropriate language.
5. Illegal activities of any kind are strictly forbidden. Remember that you are a member of the school and thus represent all members.




Non-compliance with this policy will be regarded as a serious matter and appropriate action will be taken when a breach of the policy is identified.

Any failure to abide by this policy may result in disciplinary action including revoking or restricting any right to use Electronic Communications, cautioning, or, in appropriate circumstances, may lead to more serious disciplinary action including termination of employment as decided by the board.

Non-compliance with this policy may pose a threat to the security of Glenroy Private network, the privacy of staff and other persons and may expose the users of the system or other persons to legal liability.

Business Purposes

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Department Property

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Illegal/And Offensive Material

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Inappropriate Content

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Mass Distribution

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Records Management

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